QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping

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* Onboarding fee is charged one time, non-refundable, at sign-up and is equal to one month’s subscription cost. 


Ideal for businesses with 1-100 monthly transactions and 1-3 bank accounts.

✅Cash basis accounting
✅Weekly revenue, and expense categorization
✅Monthly financial reports
✅ Communication by video, text, email, phone


Ideal for businesses with 101-200 monthly transactions, 4-6 bank accounts, and project accounting for 2 projects.

Everything in Basic, plus:

✅Accounting services from a dedicated team
✅Project accounting
✅Customize access by role ✅Customize chart of accounts


Ideal for businesses with 201-300 monthly transactions, 7-9 bank accounts, and project accounting for 3-4 projects.

Everything in Essential, plus:

✅Cash flow statement ✅Customer invoicing, and invoicing scheduling
Schedule payments